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I recently finished reading a book by Marty Cagan titled Inspired – How to Create Products Customer’s Love. For all of you who don’t like to read, this is only 225 pages with pithy chapters of only 3-4 pages in length. In short, the book is a gem and has loads of advice from an [...]

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As the US teeters on the brink of a financial meltdown, I can’t help but to think how often man gets himself in trouble by designing something that doesn’t serve his own interests. Examples of man in conflict with his technological prowess include the creation of nuclear warheads, fossil fuel-run machines, fishing nets that “sweep” [...]

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I just wanted to expand on a topic that began in my newsletter. I hope this is an ongoing conversation because there seems to be a lot of confusion about the value design brings to a business. “Design” in many people’s minds is nothing more than making it “pretty” when in fact, this is just [...]

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